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As with any fundraising event, there are costs associated with making it possible.


There are several different ways in which you can help us, help others.  All are time-sensitive and must be finalized by the cut-off day or earlier listed for that opportunity.


To take advantage of any sponsorship opportunities listed below, please contact:

                      Shawna Ricci



Sponsorship Opportunities include: 

  • Event Yard Sign Recognition ($100)

       Add your business or personal name

       or logo to a singled-sided yard sign

       being displayed during the entire


       Cut-Off Date: 8/12/23

                              (based on availability)

  • Event T-Shirt Recognition ($200)

       Add your business or personal name

       to the back of the event t-shirt. Space

       is limited and will not be available

       for long.

       Cut-Off Date: 8/12/23

                              (based on availability)

  • Banner Recognition ($300)

       Add your business name or logo to a

       banner being displayed during the

       entire event.

       Cut-Off Date: 8/12/23

                              (based on availability)

  • Patriot Package ($500)

       Add your business name or logo to the following:

  • Event Yard Sign (double-sided)

  • Event T-Shirt

  • Event Banner

      This package is a combination of all Sponsorship

      packages (listed above).

       Cut-Off Date: 8/12/23

                              (based on availability)

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