The Warriors of Chaos Veterans Motorcycle Club (WCVMC) mantra is Veterans helping Veterans. We strive to do this as much and as often as possible. Although we appreciate the kind words when the impact of this help is witnessed, please know our effort begins with the hard work in generating the needed funds through fundraisers, raffles, and soliciting donations. It's this financial support that affords us the opportunity to complete our mission. As you learn more about what the WCVMC does, please consider helping us help others.

Below are just some recent examples of what the WCVMC works tirelessly to do, in having a positive impact on many.


honoring at speed

The WCVMC is honored to partner with Operation Vet NOW and ride alongside an incredible race team focused not only on winning, but representing those who provide us with the freedom to do so.

The Golik Motorsports car will be unveiled at the Armed Forces Appreciation Night (5/21) at Jennerstown Speedway Complex.

The car will also be featured in a special Memorial Day Weekend event called the Jennerstown Salutes 150 (5/28) and will carry the name of Medal Of Honor recipient MSgt John Chapman that night.

Future showings of the car will include it being on display at the OVN Fallen Heroes Run (8/6) at Z&M Harley Davidson in Greensburg, PA and possibly at the We The People Ride & Event (9/10) in Kittanning, PA.

Piloting this fine machine in the open wheel modified series at Jennerstown this year will be Tom Golik. Tom is not only the driver, he is the father of SSgt Golik and Loadmaster on C-17 Globemaster in the US Air Force.

So please join us in wishing Tom and his team an incredible winning season!

2022 - Golic Motorsports Car.jpg

WHEELS of freedom

Today, the Warriors of Chaos VMC (WCVMC) was honored to provide a very-deserving gentleman a new set of wheels. This gentleman, Keith Carney, reached out to the WCVMC upon hearing of the club fostering a refurbished, motorized wheelchair needing a new pilot.

Keith has some debilitating medical issues which require him to use a wheelchair for mobility. His current wheelchair had some mechanical and safety issues which were not suitable to be operated.

Therefore, the WCVMC was able to gift this refurbished wheelchair to this very happy and deserving gentleman today. Here’s wishing Keith and his new wheels of freedom, a very Happy (and healthy) New Year!

A special shout-out to brothers Cowboy, Doc, Big Country, prospects Dave and Don, and all others for making this just another opportunity for the WCVMC to help those deserving.

2021 - Motorized Wheelchair Gift (Apollo, PA)_1.jpg

santa's request

Most have probably heard about that foggy Christmas Eve, when Santa came to say, "Rudolph, with your nose so bright, won't you guide my sleigh tonight?"

When Santa heard the children at the UPMC Mercy Burn Center needed their spirits lifted this Christmas, he reached out to a crew he knew could get it done, the Warriors of Chaos Veterans Motorcycle Club (WCVMC).

Upon receiving Santa’s request, brother Nomad immediately grabbed the crew and went to work in coordinating and organizing this entire endeavor.

Prez T-Rich pulled in community grant support from several local Walmart Supercenters, which provided for many, many overly-filled Walmart shopping carts!

Brother Lumberjack reached out to the good people at Peak Oilfield and other companies who support them, which helped Lumberjack secure well over 200+ toys alone!

Prospect Dave knew the good people at Best Buy would love to be a part of something so meaningful, so he engaged the support of Shatae Belajac. Shatae enabled Best Buy and the staff to participate in this awesome endeavor. Through the efforts of Shatae, Dave, and the good people at Best Buy, boxes upon boxes of toys were loaded into our trailer!

Additionally, Wendy and Rich at the Trolley Stop Inn (Bethel Park, PA) jumped at the chance to set up a donation box, which provided another awesome bundle of toys!

Nomad and WCVMC brothers and their girls worked tirelessly, for weeks, in securing needed support, procuring approximately 1,000+ toys, and delivering on Santa’s request.

The folks at UPMC Mercy Burn Center, the real heroes, couldn’t have been more welcoming and thankful. In fact, I believe we may have seen a few tears of joy!

The WCVMC appreciates those who help us, help others. Just a few we would like to personally thank for helping us, overwhelmingly address Santa’s request are:

  • Walmart Supercenters in Latrobe, Indiana, and Greensburg

  • Shatae Belajac (Best Buy District 43)

  • Wendy and Rich (The Trolley Stop Inn)

  • Peak Oilfield

    • National Tank

    • Glen Rose Transportation

    • Select Energy

    • Jay D Enterprise

    • JRC

    • MGT

    • Summit Environmental

    • Bluewater

    • Allied Rubber

Additionally, we would like to thank the following heroes for all their hard work, day in/day out:

  • The Mercy Trauma Burn Unit

  • Dr. Jenny Zimbicky

  • Unit Director Nicole Pieri

  • Michele Buraczewski

  • An awesome nursing staff!

  • UPMC Police

    • Major Dan Brooks

    • Captain Joseph Pocsatko

    • Lieutenant Brandon Corwin

It’s not often one gets the opportunity to play Rudolph (including matching red noses as seen on many WCVMC brothers escorting this delivery on their bikes that morning) and deliver toys to the kids. But when you’re a member of the WCVMC, you never miss a chance at bringing a much-needed smile to the face of little ones or the heroes that care for them.

In closing, the WCVMC would like to wish everyone a very, Merry Christmas!

Here is a news story from WTAE and just a few pics of this effort. You can find many, many more in the Gallery (

2021 - Mercy Pediatric Burn Unit Toy Drive - Delivery (Pittsburgh)_24.jpg
2021 - Mercy Pediatric Burn Unit Toy Drive - Delivery (Pittsburgh)_25.jpg
2021 - Mercy Pediatric Burn Unit Toy Drive - Delivery (Pittsburgh)_27.jpg
2021 - Mercy Pediatric Burn Unit Toy Drive - Delivery (Pittsburgh)_28.jpg

turkeys, turkeys, and more turkeys!

Recently the Warriors of Chaos Veteran Motorcycle Club (WCVMC) became aware of the efforts of an incredible, 16-year-old young man, Wesley Westerman, working to provide turkey dinners to veterans in Allegheny County.

Since hearing his neighbor, a veteran, mention that many veterans don’t really have anyone during Thanksgiving, Wesley decided to do something about it.

That’s when Wesley and his mom, Brandy Jones, began working with Jessica King, commander of VFW District 29, who herself, had been asking people for donations of turkeys for veterans who otherwise wouldn’t be having Thanksgiving.

King’s home post, VFW Post 8430 in East McKeesport, provides traditional side dishes such as mashed potatoes, green beans, fried onions, cranberry sauce, yams, stuffing, gravy, pumpkin pie and whipped cream to go with Wesley’s turkeys. That way, the veterans can have a full Thanksgiving dinner.

Over the past several years (with the help of his mom), Wesley has tirelessly sought donations and organized the collection of the turkeys to provide something a little special for those deserving, around Thanksgiving.

Last year, Wesley was able to collect 40 turkeys.

This year, when brother Smoke was made aware of this young man’s effort, he knew the WCVMC would not hesitate in supporting this veteran-related cause and this young man’s noble efforts.

Hearing of WCVMC’s plans to support this young man and his cause, the Usual Suspects Motorcycle Club and David McGill/Owner of Mogies Irish Pub ( immediately offered to join forces with the WCVMC and make this Wesley’s best year ever.

With the combined effort of all parties, on Thursday, 11/18, the WCVMC, the Usual Suspects MC, and David McGill, met with Wesley, his mom Brandy, and Jessica King to provide them with 86 turkeys!

The WCVMC would like to thank our brother Smoke, the Usual Suspects MC and David McGill/Mogies Irish Pub in not only helping to provide Thanksgiving dinners to deserving men/women, but in showing this incredible young man, the collective impact of his good deed. This here, is hope for our future. Great job Wesley!

2021 - Turkey Drive (Lower Burrell, PA)_1.jpg
2021 - Turkey Drive (Lower Burrell, PA)_2.jpeg
2021 - Turkey Drive (Lower Burrell, PA)_3.jpg


The WCVMC is thrilled to be sponsoring Connor "The Controller" Matthews!

Some may consider Connor, from Fall River, MA, a bad ass given his current MMA Pro Record of 4-0-0. But that doesn't even begin to tell this hero's story.

Connor served United States Air Force as a combat controller. For those wondering what a 'combat controller' is, the Air Force’s official website describes the role of a 'combat controller' as the following: “Some of the military’s most difficult missions are carried out by Combat Controller (CCT) specialists who operate in remote, often hostile areas. Acting as a one-man attachment to other special forces teams, these highly specialized Airmen are trained in a wide range of skills, including scuba, parachuting, and snowmobiling, as well as being FAA-certified air traffic controllers in order to establish air control and provide combat support on missions all over the globe.” That's what a 'combat controller' does!

Combine this with his deployment to Afghanistan during the height of the Iraq War and you understand why this man, like many others, is considered a hero.

The date of Connor's next fight is Saturday, 11/6 at Plymouth Memorial Hall in Plymouth, MA. You can make damn sure the WCVMC will be in this hero's corner, even if in spirit!

For more information about Connor, please see:

2021 - Connor Matthews_4.jpg
2021 - Connor Matthews_5.jpg
2021 - Connor Matthews_1.jpg
2021 - Connor Matthews_2.jpg
2021 - Connor Matthews_3.jpg


The WCVMC is honored in being asked to participate in the 2021 Pittsburgh Columbus Day Parade on Saturday, October 9, 2021!

The parade begins at 11a. The route will begin near West Penn Hospital on Liberty Avenue and proceed towards the Bloomfield Bridge.

In addition to the parade, Liberty Avenue in Bloomfield will become a festive atmosphere for a Columbus Day parade filled with 100 bands, floats, organizations and businesses showcasing the region’s Italian history – known as the city’s “Little Italy.”

Please come out to watch the parade, hang with the WCVMC, and enjoy a day of guaranteed festive activities!

For more information, please see:

Pittsburgh Columbus Day Parade returns in Bloomfield |

Respect for Heroes

The WCVMC had the honor to participate in the 1st Veterans Helping Veterans (VHV) National PTSD Awareness Day, Veterans Wellness Festival, and Memorial Ride. It was awesome meeting so many incredible people making it their mission to support our heroes. Additionally, the WCVMC was honored to participate in the Memorial Ride from Homestead to the National Cemetery of the Alleghenies where we had the privilege to meet and spend a few moments with the Gold Star Families of several heroes who will never be forgotten.

2021 - Veterans Helping Veterans Memoria
2021 - Veterans Helping Veterans Memoria
2021 - Veterans Helping Veterans Memoria
2021 - Veterans Helping Veterans Memoria
2021 - Veterans Helping Veterans Memoria
2021 - Veterans Helping Veterans Memoria
2021 - Veterans Helping Veterans Memoria

Veterans Helping Veterans

Recently, the Veterans Leadership Program (VLP) reached out to the WCVMC requesting any support possible for a Veteran who recently lost everything, including his house, in a fire. He and his sons escaped the fire with only the clothes on their back. Fortunately, many have helped with the necessities during this time. However, he and his sons main mode of transportation had been sidelined with a slew of needed repairs totaling a few thousand dollars.

Although the request made of the WCVMC was to see if we knew any reputable automotive mechanics for a second opinion, the WCVMC went a great deal farther.

Brother Big Country contacted a fellow Veteran and good friend of the club, Steve Craven (K&S Automotive), who immediately agreed to take a look at the car. Big Country took his personal trailer to pick the car and deliver it to K&S Automotive and handle this mission. Steve immediately checked out the car, identified what needed done, and provided an estimate with zero charge for labor. This is where the WCVMC and Steve decided to do more than what was asked of us. Steve completed the needed work (again, with no charge for labor) and tossed in other things such as fixing additional items not part of the original estimate, a free set of needed tires, etc.

The WCVMC decided to help even more and assumed the complete and overall cost for the work done. The end result. this Veteran and his sons have a car once again, on Father's Day, to help them find some normalcy and peace.

Huge shout-out to Steve Craven (K&S Automotive) for helping us, help others.

As well, shout-out to Big Country for taking lead on this one from beginning-to-end, truly making this a case of Veterans helping Veterans.

2021 - K&S Automotive (Ford City, PA)_1.jpg
2021 - K&S Automotive (Ford City, PA)_2.jpg
Seth Anthony - Old Glory